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 Bankai Cost & Requirement

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PostSubject: Bankai Cost & Requirement   Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:50 pm

Quote :
B A N K A I    
C O S T    &  

The Bankai (卍解, Final Release) is the second and final upgraded form of a Zanpakutō.  To achieve Bankai, one must be able to materialize and subjugate their Zanpakutō spirit. Materialization means the opposite of getting dragged into the Zanpakutō's inner world: the wielder needs to summon the Zanpakutō's spirit into the physical world. It usually takes 10 years or more to achieve, plus the experience needed to master it.

Important Notice:

To have achieved Bankai means your character is either a Captain, or well on the way to being on the same plateau as a Captain. The idea of being Captain level doesn't put you on par with another Captain. Contrary to popular belief, achieving Bankai doesn't automatically put you on par with a Captain either.

Requirement: A Shinigami hoping to obtain Bankai must have Level 3 in Reiatsu/Spiritual Pressure. And also based on your character's class, the require may vary. There are also two levels of Bankai (Incomplete and Mastered Bankai).

Jack of all Trades: Level 3 in Reiatsu and 2 other combat style.
Specialists: Level 3 in Reiatsu, level 3 in another area and 2 augmentations.
The Juggernaut: Level 3 in Reiatsu, level 3 in another area and 2 augmentations.
The Warlocks: Level 3 in Reiatsu, level 3 in Kido, level 2 in two other areas.

B A N K A I  

Incomplete Bankai: An incomplete Bankai is one such Bankai that was newly achieved or recently gained by a Shinigami. This lack of mastery and true understanding of the Bankai, can put the Shinigami utilizing it at risk. Which is why, it is said that no Bankai without proper years of training and experience should ever be used in battle. From a Manga perspective, upon til recently, Hitsugaya could be said to have possessed an incomplete or weak Bankai. Same goes for Renji during the first time he had achieve Bankai, along with a few others. (Incomplete Bankai can be maintained for 8 Posts max during combat. Should be used as a last resort, for the Shinigami using it during battle). A further cost of 450 Experience Points must be paid before your character can begin training for Bankai.
A 1.5k word training session must be done, preferably In character. Will take +30 Reiatsu Points to utilize its abilities and techniques while incomplete.

Mastered Bankai: A Mastered Bankai is one such Bankai that a Shinigami has full control over, and a greater deal of understanding. At this point, a Shinigami is truly one with their Zanapakuto spirit. This is when a Lieutenant knows they're now ready to take up the position of Captain. Likewise, a Captain with a mastered Bankai knows they're in such a position for a reason. A further 450 Experience Points must be paid to begin training to Master one's Bankai. Another 1k Word training session must be carried out In Character.

Note: There can be no skipping of one level to another. A Shinigami must first achieve Bankai via the incomplete methods, before moving on to master it. The training cannot be done in one session. A Shinigami must have had an incomplete Bankai for one RL Month. And must have used it at least 3 times, before even training to master one's Bankai.
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Bankai Cost & Requirement
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