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 Hiyajū (Itami Kurushimi's Zanpakuto) [WIP]

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PostSubject: Hiyajū (Itami Kurushimi's Zanpakuto) [WIP]   Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:07 pm


▐♱ Zanpakutō Name ♱: Hiyajū (Fire Beast)

▐♱ Sealed Description ♱:
Hiyajū looks like a standard daitō, 49 inches in length and is slightly curved only by the end. Blue silk wraps its hilt, it also has a short chain with a blue crystal about the size of a pearl on the end dangling on the hilt's end. It has a golden cross guard with a flame pattern etched on it. The blade is slightly grey in color and is normally sheathed in a glossy black sheath. The sheath is made out of bamboo and has a blue flame pattern on the bottom where the tip is located. The blade is tucked tightly on Itami's Hakama-himo next to his right leg.

▐♱ Release Phrase ♱: Yaku! (Burn!)


▐♱ Element/Affinity ♱: Fire


▐♱ Shikai Description ♱:
Hiyajū shikai form makes the sword larger and wider in appearance, nearly as tall as Itami himself. Even though it may seem heavy it doesn't hinder Itam from moving quickly. The sword is heavy to others but to Itami it weighs as light as a normal sword. The hilt is still wrapped in blue silk and the end of the hilt would have a short blade attacked to it. The blade would get a light reddish shade.

Image Of Shikai (Colorless):

▐♱ Shikai Ability ♱:
It's hot, literally. The sword is capable of melting weak swords which touches it and as well as melt other objects that touches it, including humans. Any person, the enemy most of the times, would feel extreme heat whenever they are close to the blade, when weaker people are subjected to this heat may lead to death if exposure is prolonged. Itami however is unaffected by the blade's heat. It is still a risk though, for even your allies can experience this heat when they are around.


▐♱ Bankai Description ♱:
Itami's zanpakuto's bankai form's name is Nenshō Hiyajū meaning Burning Flame Beast. Nenshō Hiyajū gets even beigger, now, even bigger than Itami by a few meters. Nenshō Hiyajū takes the appearance of a beast's head with its mouth closed attached to the hilt. The head looks more of like a reddish colored dragon without eyes. It's head has horns which Itami uses as the sword's blade when fighting. When needed, the head open its mouth showing its actual true blade increasing its strength even greater. When its mouth is opened its appearance is that the head has a blade coming out of its mouth. The blade has color with a mixture of red and orange. The blade is slightly similar to its shikai form except that it has less curves.

Image Of Bankai:

▐♱ Bankai Ability ♱:
Much like the shikai, its hot. Even when the beat's head is closed, its undeniably dangerous. Its even hotter than that of the shikai and has an even wider radius of its heat, now anything around it can spontaneously combust in flames. The head covering the blade is just a way to seal its true power. Once the blade is exposed, it can extend up to any size Itami would want. The sword would get even hotter and stronger once the blade is shown. Nenshō Hiyajū is a lot more sharper and stronger in comparison to its shikai form. It can devour and feed on its enemies and can strengthen itself by the spiritual power of the enemy.


▐♱ Techniques ♱:

# 1 Shikai
Name - Saishū no Honō (Final Flame)
Class: Offense
Attributes: Attack, Spiritual, Instant
' Fortifying the blade with fire, increasing it's attack's strength for a single strike. Used in close proximity to the target, the blade would upon clashing on a surface, preferably the enemy's body, would release a massive blast of fire which is fortified by the user's reiatsu. This technique is capable of dealing severe injuries and burns. The heat from the fire itself is capable melting and burning objects around the area. '

Range: Short, requires surface contact.
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: One Turn
Cooldown: Four Turns

# 2 Bankai
Name -
' Effect '

Post Durations:
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Hiyajū (Itami Kurushimi's Zanpakuto) [WIP]
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