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 A chain of command.

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Yuri Aoi

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PostSubject: A chain of command.    Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:13 am

Ever since she had established the Gotei, things had changed. People answered to other people. There were rules and responsibilities. A duty that one had to perform out of obligation. The works ranged, cleaning, laundry, cooking, scouting, guarding, exorcising, filling in reports, communications, nursing, supply checking, training. If one was unable to do such duties they had to answer to another person above them. In all situations the higher ranking officer preceded and gave out orders. This was called a chain of command.

However what were the punishments? Yuri herself did not know. Her Lieutenant, BennyGo. He was no where to be found, he was supposed to have held a meeting with the lieutenants but since he had not reported back Yuri had assumed that this had not happened. Such a disappointment. He had been way too young and simple minded like a child to lead the Lieutenants. Her search had brought her to the 4th division barracks. He had been last sighted in this vicinity.

She had sent him to do a simple job and he had ended up in the division unrelated to his duty. Most likely he had brushed off her orders and had decided to play pranks on the nurses. She felt something called annoyance. What was with these kids that lacked the self discipline? First a captain and now her own Lieutenant. Nanatsu-o he had better shape these captains and lieutenants up or she would throw more than a simple tree.

The nurses parted like seas. Feeling a mixture of awe and fear. With admiration they looked at her almost fawning at her. However when her eyes travelled close to theirs they avoided her. She always had her spiritual pressure to near zero. She understood if she walked around normally they would be potentially be crushed to death. But at least when they were addressed they shot up right and spoke to her. She queried and she was given an answer. Maybe she would replace her Lieutenants with one of the little nurses here.

The 4th division was quiet the extravaganza compared to her own quarters. With simple guide lines and way points showing patients to various places. Of course the more important places were not shown. Where on Earth had her lieutenant gotten to. As her agitation grew she was reminded of yet another failure. Getsu, the 4th division captain had been a no show to the meeting. Claiming he was busy and addressing her simply as Yuri, such care free people. Perhaps organizing a Hierachy was futile. How she longed to be returned to her real body. Strong, undying and absolute.

The corridors moved on and on. Smells of disinfectant, crisp sheets starched till they smelled of green potatoes. Tinkering sounds and shuffling feet. The occasional grown and the rare laughter. There was an odd smell, an earthy musk. The corridors still moved on and on.

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A chain of command.
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