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 The Dimensional Party

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Akuma Jaaku

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PostSubject: The Dimensional Party    Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:42 pm

club inside:

Please play me:

Shinigami, Arrancar, Human, or Quincy there all races that have ascended the levels of normal humans yet still clinch to the small fragments of their being that are still that of a human. As for Akuma he really simply enjoys life and likes to see the most fun or chaotic moments in history, therefore, he would have a mission for this once where it would be to collect some of the most powerful beings in the world and for one night simply allow everyone to forget their undying hatred for each other and simply come together for one last day to express the last shred of humanity everyone has left and throw one giant PARTY!

For truly, what better way for races to learn to coexist if not to enjoy one night of mixing races simply and enjoy music, lights, and tons of drugs and alcohol. Though it is very unlikely some factions may react to the invitation that was sent throughout the dimensions to contact all the race leaders to show that there is a place where no bloodshed shall continue and where for once the goal of all the races playing Lovey Dovey can be achieved for all those who wish to seek this sensation… Therefore, as the dawn of a new day would arise Akuma would swiftly get to work setting up the club for the upcoming festivities first he would have to go get all of the drugs that over the years he has collected for this party that were stored somewhere within the city but first he would have to smoke and take the first slip of Acid for the night to once again come upon the place of origin for this fine collection of objects…

---------- Three Hours Later ----------

The adventure that Akuma would have through this three long hours of searching would rival any experience this man once had for what reason he truly didn’t know for truly the events that transpired in that time period where lost trapped in a section of his mind that he could only reach once at that level of high again. However, what he did know was that everything had finally been ready and set up or at least all the tables of drugs and other party favors, therefore, all he had to do was simply wait and relax as the people would slowly flood into the building being placed upon their wrist would be suppression wristbands that lowered your power to that of a mere fourth seat and then the sound coming from the suppression speakers would once again knock down your power level to that of a mere human that hasn’t fully awakened…

So with these preparations complete and the night slowly falling upon him the music would finally begin the play and the doors would swing open and people would flood into the room already excited and overwhelmed with how crazy the opening of this new found club was everyone would be going crazy the women already getting crazy and reckless and the boys well you know boys get them in an area surrounded by beautiful women and they will do anything for attention… So with this the room would be filled, the smoke would start to fill the air, and Akuma would have one final declaration before he would begin the room would be forced to become quite as they would stare at the man standing on the DJ stand. He would clear his voice one good time before screaming, and the music one again blasting away as he would fade from normal sight into the valley of humans and whatever else lurked in the shadows…

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The Dimensional Party
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