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PostSubject: SANGRE GUNDAN [wip]   Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:14 am

; Z A N P A K U T O

▐ ZANPAKUTO NAME: Sangre Gundan || Blood Legion

▐ SEALED DESCRIPTION: Sangre's blade takes the shape of a japanese Katana; having a curved, slender, single edged blade, with a guard that has a circular shape to it, and long grip to accommodate two hands. The blades length is 66 cm and is tinted in a purple hued red. The hilt is a dark purple colour, almost black, with hints of red in it. The guard of the blade has a European dragon cut out in it. Along the blade are multiple engravings on it of vines and thorns, going along with her name oddly enough. The engravings are a brighter red color, looking like vines and thorns of blood. Rose always makes sure to take good care of her blade. She gives it a regular cleaning and makes sure that its always sharp. If she didn't she'd be taunted day and night by Sangre. He tends to get what he wants.

▐ RELEASE PHRASE: Prevail - Sangre Gundan || Blood Legion

▐ MANIFESTATION: Sangre has been known to present himself in two forms. The first one is a large dragon that is pure black in color. Being a Wyvern he had two back legs and his wings are connected to his arms. Bearing a nasty set of sharp teeth and long sharp claws the dragon towers in size, being two stories tall at least. The beast is coated in large jagged scales and spike, adorning two large and curved horns on his head. Instead of fire this dragon radiates a foul light in its place which ultimately destroys any form of life trying to grow within the inner word. The second form is something more recent and rather menacing. Sangre takes the form of none other then Rose's deceased fiance. Whether or not this is simply a trick or a part of her fiance living on through her blade is unknown to Rose. Either way the zanpakuto uses this appearance to torment Rose, despite that all the bond is unusually close between the two. He appears more Caucasian, and his most 'stand out feature' that he has are his eyes. With his eyes being a bit wide and full of expression at times. His iris's are a bright crimson colour much like Rose's and his lash-line being somewhat darker then normal, which mainly make the eyes stand out aside from the fact that they seem to almost give off this crimson glow that can be seen as rather captivating. His nose isn't to big nor to small. It balances right in the middle of the two.

Moving to his lips which seem to somewhat always have some sort of a smirk on them, Sangre's lips have a feint rosy hue to them. His lips can twist into a smirk to a full sadistic like smile, flashing his pearly white teeth along with a set of fangs on his upper and lower teeth. Sangre's hair drapes over his face, being somewhat in the balance between long and short. His hair is dark, almost back. However it is tinted blue which you can see when the light shines on the strands. His bangs drape over his face, hitting just past his brow bones. Parts of his hair falls down to his chin level, framing his face rather handsomely.

Sangre's body, like Rose's, has many tattoos on it. His right arm and half of he is left arm is covered with a sleeve of dragons, demons and roses. His chest has a beasts skull surrounded by smoke and roses which blends into his sleeves. More demonic themed tattoos cover the areas of his left leg and partially on his right leg. His piercings include two on his left eyebrow, his tongue, and a single ear piercing. He dresses himself in dark fabrics and is personality could be described as demonic while in this form. His hostility has been growing over the years, and his games becoming dark. He is a man that will easily get jealous and angry. Sometimes he can't control his anger, like the dark exterior invading his mind. This is why Sangre tends to give Rose so much grief, because it sinks into Rose and causes her to act in Harsh ways at times. This is why she kills her sobriety and prevents most of these incidents, because its the only effective way she can that kind of result. Strange huh?

▐ INNER WORLD: Sangre's world is stained red. Rose is okay with that as red is her favourite colour. The whole area is rocky, there is no grace, no beauty, absolutely no symmetry. Some could dub this place as 'Hell' if they may. Crooked rocky paths cover this world, some formations of rocks look like demons and monsters. Other rocks have twisted and morphed into what looks like dragon heads here and there. Each head and formation oozes an odd liquid which looks similar to lava minus the heat. All made of hard black stone. The world seems to drag on and on and on, never having an end. This place, looks like hell, not a tree or sign of plant in sight. No water, no sun, however there is a sky. The sky is not full with stars, instead there are only two moons, a smaller deep dark red one rests in front of a more larger and lighter deep purple moon. These moon's cast a dark red and purple light over this world

There are Dips and dives, tunnels and trenches that scatter around the world here and there, The trenches radiating heat and an a feint odor from them. That smell being similar to the smell of burning tissue's or flesh being corroded from acid, this sent however isn't overpowering or sickening. It is rather feint. If you look in these trenches or dips you would think that the substance inside would be lava by it's looks. However it is not, although retaining the same color and consistency of lave or magma it is simply a concoction of acids, toxins, poisons and other substances, all melding into one another and bubbling.

If wondering far enough in, looking past the demonic looking rock formations and ignoring the feint foul odor as well as the distant screams and wails of what would be guessed as people in pain in the distance along with the howls and snarls of what could be mistaken as monsters in the distance, you would find a castle. In no way is it symmetrical or beautiful. It looks as if it's made of the black stone that covers this world. Outside of the castle there are four dragon stone formations. The dragons grown and snarl, baring their fangs in their formation. Within the castle, candles light the way in the stone cold path. Not a cobweb taints this already creepy castle. As one walks inside it gets darker and darker. The candles become sparse down the path and screams can be heard, sounding like they are coming from under your feet as you move. One who dares to venture deeper through the many halls of the castle will then enter a room. Decored with old Gothic like furniture, lighten with candles, and splatters of blood on the walls. In the very end of the room is a large throne, this is where Sangre will sit upon casually if appearing as human. Giving off that charming yet slightly sadistic smirk. Isn't it odd? How a zanpakuto that is has healing properties could have a world so demonic. Yes, it is.

▐ ELEMENT/AFFINITY: Healing/Affliction

▐ SHIKAI: Upon releasing her shikai, like many others Rose performs her own 'ritual' before unleashing her blade. An offering of blood, Rose's blood, must be made. Either her hands will wipe off blood from a previously inflicted wound, or she will slice down her right arm and let it leak down her hands. The blood rapidly begins to move, coating the sealed form of her blade entirely; almost bubbling in appearance as it shapes and morphs. Engulfed impartially in Reiatsu you'll see the blood travel along Rose's body, leaving certain markings on her that only seem like more tattoos on her body, resembling vines and thorns of blood. Rose's blade reveals itself to be a rather beautiful sword, if you have an eye for things like look slightly... Demonic. The blade becomes about 6 inches longer then its sealed version. The blade itself bends up and then back down in one smooth curve. The edge of the hilt becomes decorated with a skull that is missing its bottom jaw, tinged with the happy medium of red and purple. A single horn protrudes from the center of the skulls head while 3 spikes form from the back of the skull and curve downwards. These spikes merge together in various places, giving them a winged look. Moving up the hilt it appears smooth, but if you felt the texture you could feel how it easily holds a grip, almost sticky in a way. This caused the chances of Rose's grip to slip to become slim. A brighter version of the crimson colour becomes more saturated near the skull while fading to a blackened colour as it gets closer towards the blade. From the top of the hilt you'll notice a jagged vine like engraving starting to make its way towards the blade. The part of the blade closest to the hilt begins to curve down and back, forming a thick spike that resembles a thorn. More of these 'thorns' can be seen if you go down the blade further, the thickest part of the blade being right after where the hilt meets the blade. More vine like engravings can be seen twisting and turning in various directions along the sword while radiating a red aura, lighten with crimson. The engravings are glossy, almost as if they were leaking a liquid that runs all along the blade. Two larger 'thorns' can be seen at the edge of the blade, becoming thinner and curving upwards. The very tip of the sword being one of these 'thorns' curves upwards as well. Each curve, each 'thorn', is razor sharp. and with the curved edges it would only take a simple flick of the wrist to cause some serious damage if one was to be stabbed by said blade. The tip of the blade becomes saturated with a bright crimson colour that fades back to the blackened colour once closer to the middle of the blade as well.


▐ BANKAI NAME: Tenrai Sangre Gundan || Divine Blood Legion

▐ BANKAI:  Rose's Bankai releases itself in an unusual way. The blood she utilizes forms around her almost like a cocoon, flowing up along her skin it forms large jagged plates around her body, then with a sudden flare up of reiatsu that clouds around her and pulses outwards her bankai becomes revealed. Her body beneath the clothing is now covered in a partial scale-like body suit consisted of hardened blood, acting like an armor on her. The suit doesn't provide full coverage, but enough to take some of the blow away if she's caught off guard or busy casting a spell/technique. The center of her chest  and throat remains exposed along with a strip running down her stomach. The most coverage would consist of most of her back, keeping her spine protected along with the back and sides of her neck. additional areas are the sides of her thighs and from her knees down. Rose's left arm is more armored from her hand to her elbow while her right arm remains more sparse. The heavier plating on her left arm is accompanied by a shoulder plate on her left shoulder as well. The sides of her breasts and rib-cage completes the set.
Rose's blade doesn't change much for her bankai, the only change visible is the formation of a blood rose on the widest part of her blade, near the hilt. The vines and thorns also raise up on the blade.  Once Bankai is released a 'vine garden' is activated and remains in constant motion until Bankai is sealed up. Starting at about a 20 meter radius, malleable blood vines with solid thorns begin twisting and covering the area around Rose, each minute that passes by the blood vines keep extending outward if not intentionally directed elsewhere. New vines tend to form from pools of spilt blood, intertwining with existing vines and making the 'Garden' around Rose bigger and thicker. Upon sealing her bankai, the blood vines will simply loose their form, leaving pools of blood in their place.


▐♱ Techniques ♱: Please list your techniques below. Please pay attention to the combat styles to see how much you're allowed.
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