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 Gottes Eingriff (Divine Intervention)

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The Pain
Stern Ritter
Stern Ritter

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PostSubject: Gottes Eingriff (Divine Intervention)   Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:10 am


▐♱ Cross Name ♱:Gottes Eingriff (Divine Intervention)

▐♱ Cross Appearance ♱:The cross is just that a silver cross. A cross crafted with the spiritual energy of his father and mother. It was handed down to Zat as a final present. A special cross that was designed just for him. The cross is big enough to be seen while hanging from a dangling chain. This is all that remains of his family name.

▐♱ Bow Appearance ♱:
The bow actually takes the shape of a rather large cross. A literal cross that christ hung from in his final days. It is just about 6 feet tall, only a foot shorter than Zat himself. The weapon has the primary color scheme of silver/black. at the intersection of the cross aka the middle there is a skull there that acts as the grip of the weapon. For any normal being this large cross would be too much too handle. For Zat he can carry it with one hand as if it is weightless. Along the long part of the cross a rather long, large, black barrel is hidden within the cross. At first glance this looks as a metallic cross that Zat carries around that represents the sins of the world. When in use the weapon will split and the barrel reveals itself. The weapon can be used as a blunt tool of destruction against foes. Naturally this bow has the blunt strength of 70 cause of its massive size. when using it as a striking weapon a handle pops out the short end of the cross. 


▐♱ Bow Ability: ♱:

The bows ability is named Judgement. The weapon is able to manifest holy/light in several forms when firing or usage of the weapon. Though the power of holy is just that it can take several forms as long Zat wills it too. For example he can burn away his enemies with ease through Holy purification. He can also use holy in a pure beam fashion that even rivals Cero depending on strength. Zan can will it so he fires chains of pure holy too restrain and contain his foes. The power of holy reaches far beyond that of most but still stays within the logical realm. (He can’t fire planets or any form of nonsense like that.) His arrows naturally look like bullets versus arrows. They travel at the speed of a bala and have the strength of 66 in terms of kido power.


▐♱ Vollstandig Name ♱:The New Testament

▐♱ Vollstandig Description ♱: Upon activation all of Zat’s true spiritual energy unleashes itself upon any who stand around him. Those who can not look at the light turn away as he takes this form. Unlike most quincies his body undergoes a major change that could be compared to an arrancar release except its more angelic in nature. Golden armor covers Zat from head to toe. His face becomes covered in a black veil as a white hood with golden trim covers his head and face. His face cannot be seen as the darkness consumes any expressions made by him. He has been called the reaper because of the similarities they share. On the back white flowing tendrils make up the wings of this armor, and when not in use the wings stay in a spiritual form. They are rather long and have the power to solidify on a whim. His metal cross turns into a sword that is inscribed with several runes that glow on the side of the blade. This sword can still shoot arrows with a point or swing of the blade.



▐♱ Element/Affinity ♱:  (Fire, Holy,Melee,Reiatsu


▐♱ Vollstandig Ability ♱:
Augmentation of natural ability is the power of his Vollstandig. I

  • Enhanced Spiritual Attacks including bow techniques: All reiatsu based attacks are boosted up by 30 Kido while in this state.
  • Enhanced Speed: Can move faster than those on the same rank as him with ease. Without using quincies version of shunpo he moves like this naturally.
  • Enhanced Strength: Can go toe to toe with some of the strongest, able to inflict punches that are level 80 in strength
  • Flight: Can fly with wings and used enhanced speed too clear distances as if its nothing


▐♱ Techniques ♱: (Will make techniques later after initial approval)
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PostSubject: Re: Gottes Eingriff (Divine Intervention)   Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:38 pm

Choose one element and one element only. And your bow ability needs to be broken down into techniques. Its too broad at the moment.

We will move onto Vollstandig in a moment.

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Gottes Eingriff (Divine Intervention)
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