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 Baking Bad [Private - Rose]

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Bobbina Bobbles

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PostSubject: Baking Bad [Private - Rose]   Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:04 pm

The evening was all too familiar to the citizens of Kagamino City, somber and gentle, there had been little to no chaos in recent weeks. Delivering a comfortable peace upon all of the citizens of the fair city, as they went out of their docile abodes to spend time with loved ones and families, taking advantage of the almost non-existent crime rate so that they could enjoy the benefits of a safe night life. Such a night life it was, as the sun conceded defeat to the rising forces of the moon, retreating past the horizon and allowing darkness sovereignty.

With street lights catching a flame, blaring their illuminations upon the concrete pavement of roads, tar glistening as rubber tires made their way across the top of it. One particular patron had been in the back of his stretch limousine, heading towards one of his favorite reclusive spots within the city, as his sweet tooth got the better of him. With arms stretched upwards, palms placed firmly against the back of his head, a smile crept upon his face as he groaned. Sensations rolling throughout the figure's figure, tongue running over his plump Mandingo lips subtly. He was beyond pleased.

The President of Xtinction, and therefore the sovereign leader of the whole of Kagamino,  had flaunted his executive power earlier in the week. Sanctioning off the politicians who plagued Japan, and converting their allegiance to the states into something that the Russian bastard could use for himself. Japan was dependent directly on Xtinction, and with pockets of his organization sent all around the world, it was only a matter of time before his plan, his true plan, was able to come into existence. Oh how those thoughts flooded his mind, although his senses remained ensnared by another. Laura, a fan.

As she worked her mouth, and eventually dined upon the future offspring of the political figurehead, she maneuvered so that she could sit besides the man, leaning into him as he huffed with bated breaths. Eyes focusing towards the window of his expensive mode of transportation as it pulled up on a local bakery, famous for selling treats that were so delicious, that they were able to attract those with high spiritual power. These Soul Cakes, as the owner called them, where good enough to make a Hollow smile. Which was something that was a bit humorous to the President.

Looking at the woman besides him, he stroked her cheek as the elongated carriage pulled upon outside of the building.

"Have the driver take you home."

He smirked to himself before leaving out of the vehicle. His mind was set on many things, but he pushed them aside so that he could enjoy his evening. With every step his stride grew more and more impressive. Within moments he had arrived at his target  location. As the doors swung open he felt himself overcome with happiness. The smells overwhelmed him as he approached the counter. Eyes focused and hands tucked into his pockets.

"Give me your best soul cakes."

He awaited his order.

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PostSubject: Re: Baking Bad [Private - Rose]   Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:03 am

    Kagamino city seemed peaceful, perhaps too peaceful for this shiniami's liking. How long would the city remain like this? As there was never truly any peace, and it would only be a matter of time until some power crazed fuck decides to waltz around thinking the world was their in some weird delusion. Against orders and better judgement a Shinigami had found herself here, being a noob to the lieutenants the woman belonged to the 4th division; simply known as Rose. Being in the world of the living there was no need to wear the normal shitty uniform. Not like she wore it in the first place. Rose was dressed more normal, blending in with those of the living compared to some idiotic shinigami who often dressed like strait up retards from another time. She kept it simple, wearing a dark wash pair of short shorts paired with a tank top that was a rich shade of dark red. Both being form fitting to only flaunt her well endowed body with zero fucks being given. Rose shred the bags she'd normally strap around each leg, instead she simply opted for one belt that cinched in her waist. She also had a black leather coat, but kept it off to the side. Today Rose had fled to the world of the living because... Fuck the soul society, fuck the responsibilities, and fuck that annoying captain she was cursed to follow under. No today was her day, her scheduled back in the soul society disagreed and didn't call for any lounging in the world of the living but, just fuck it; she did what she wanted. Okay maybe this woman wasn't that fit for being the lieutenant,  but the division was surviving; so overall that was a good sign. Tonight she wouldn't return as she was about to go on a quest, a vision quest.She made herself comfortable within a local bakery that was known for serving those who were spiritually in tune with the worlds. All kinds of people from all kinds of races would be welcomed here as one, all simply customers. She was sitting at a rather fancy looking round table, big enough to seat only two. In front of her was a teapot along with two tea cups, one for each seat. Rose found her comfort, having one arm resting on the back of her chair as she waited for the contents in the teapot to steep. This woman was brewing a herbal tea that was sharp tasting, mixing it with a dash of lemon juice, a bit of sugar, and a secret ingredient.Without the cafe members watching Rose had added her own hand crafted teabag into the pot, its contents was filled with ground up with Psilocybin mushrooms. Time was now ticking away, as this all had to brew for around fifteen minutes. Now Rose wasn't a patient one, so in the back of her mind the woman was getting slightly irritated and anxious. She killed some time by adding a bit of Ginseng root to her mix, knowing that it gave a boost of energy to the tea and would fight off any feelings of nausea; basically meaning it was going to be a happy trip. She took a deep breath, taking in the aromas of fresh Soul Cakes being baked as her patience was being tested. However the entrance of another had caught her attention. She tried to pick up on what this being was, certainly it wasn't an Arrancar, and shinigami didn't quite fit; perhaps Human or a Quincy. She caught herself looking, zoned out a bit as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on with the two toned hair. Did it grow like that? Or was it a simple fashion statement? Rose tore her gaze away from the man and glanced at the clock, only a few more minutes was needed until her tea was done.
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Baking Bad [Private - Rose]
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