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 Sakuzen Oushou

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PostSubject: Sakuzen Oushou    Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:03 pm


▐♱ Zanapakuto Name ♱: Sakuzen Oushou (Dry King)

▐♱ Sealed Description ♱: Only being seen by Yuri and Getsu the sealed version of Sakuzen Oushou is your average steel katana with a white hilt.

▐♱ Release Phrase ♱: Stain the Skies Sakuzen Oushou

▐♱ Manifestation ♱:


Sakuzen is a rather skinny female weighing about 110 pounds soaking wet. Her hair is ice blue and her skin is pale from the cold climate which she lives in. She wears a white gown with the sleeves torn and her arms free. Her hair has two pigtails which come to her shoulders in length with 3 bulbs on each which go from a sunset orange to a winters blue. She has two wings which are about the same length as her being 5 feet.

▐♱ Inner World ♱:

Snowing all year round  while surrounded by ruins of forming towers and castles. This is the home of Sakuzen


▐♱ Element/Affinity ♱: Ice/Poison


▐♱ Shikai Description ♱:
A 5 foot silk like string which is actually composed of Sakuzen's dress and unbreakable material. Attached to this string is a smiley faced ornament which when pressed causes Sakuzen Oushou to form. Which formed the blade itself is complete white steel and the size of your average katana but now it is attached to Sakuzen's dress. The hilt itself is al so all white.

▐♱ Shikai Ability ♱: At the tip of Sakuzen's blade Dry Ice leaks from the tip which upon contact causes burns to the body because it kills blood cells. If hit in the same area twice the dry ice will seep through the skin and release carbon dioxide into the blood which strips 3% of oxygen from your blood stream by each passing post until asphyxiation
occurs. But because it is still ice the subliming of the ice releases condensation of the ice forming frostbite from the inside out. If not treated the frostbite will develop into gangre and turn the limb into dead cells and spread. Each post the gangre spreads.

5 Post for an arm
7 Post for a leg
10 post for the torso
11 post for the head


▐♱ Bankai Description ♱:

▐♱ Bankai Description ♱:

▐♱ Bankai Ability ♱:


▐♱ Techniques ♱:
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Yuri Aoi

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PostSubject: Re: Sakuzen Oushou    Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:22 pm

I suppose I can pass this Shikai.

standard cutting strength of a Shikai cpt lvl x. x being your level.

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Sakuzen Oushou
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