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 Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]   Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:32 pm

    Today there was no one in the captains office nor the lieutenants quarters, the woman Rose wasn't even in the heart of her division, where had the Lieutenant disappeared to? Calls for the lieutenant circulated around the fourth, but who were we kidding, you have a send a hell butterfly to find Rose. The woman was one to simply come and go as she pleased. Few strings had tied her down, plus she trusted her members to run the division smoothly, which they did so all was well and they were rewarded in return. Today Rose wore her badge, so unless you were blind you'd recognize she was a lieutenant. Still being newly appointed, members were adjusting to her rather... Unique persona.

    The woman was actually in the process of leaving the division all together, not being one for leaving notes where people could keep tabs on her, especially that scum of a captain. On the very outskirts of the division Rose was walking down the final hall where the reception for emergencies was stationed. Caught in her own thoughts the woman almost had ignored the sound of someone clearing their throat followed by the screech of a chair being pushed back. Rose pivoted on the balls of her feet to see what was needed. "M-Miss Rose," Called out a voice of dainty female nurse, an unseated shinigami of her division who rose up from her seat. Rose, now stopped, had leaned against the reception desk, using her elbow to prop herself up. "Yes... Mindy?" She said, giving the woman her attention and taking a peek at her name tag as she honestly didn't know the girls name up till then. "There's a surgery scheduled for you t-tomorrow at noon." She timid girl spoke, reminding the lieutenant.

    "Ah! Thanks Minty, I'll be out doing... Stuff, important stuff. Sooooo if the captain asks tell him I'm busy." Rose spoke, having a bad habit for not remembering names. As she had finished her sentence Rose used her right arm to dramatically swipe to the side, unintentionally knocking over a plastic container which held a stack of forms, sending them flying over the edge. There was a pause, drowned in awkwardness. Stepping back Rose cleared her throat. "Umm... I meant to do that." She said, now taking her hand and knocking over two small ceramic statues shaped like cats, making it seem like it was her plan all along as the awkward silence filled the room. "IM OFF!" and like that the woman shunpoed the hell out of there, leaving the woman standing there awkwardly, the desk a mess now.

    The lieutenant didn't wear the standard shinigami garb, no she believed everyone should wear what they wanted to. However being a higher up and all she kept her colors mostly dark and black. The woman wore a dark reddish purple tank top that seemed to be made of a thick looking fabric, with lace trimming the lining and two red stripes going vertical down the center. It was tailored to hug her curves and fashioned with a deep V neckline down to the bottom of her.  In all honesty Rose didn't want to just toss away the entire standard shinigami uniform, so she wore a piece of it. Removing and hemming the sleeves and cutting it off at about her hips she wore the piece as a vest, the ends frayed. She had two sets of belts around her waist. Each with their own compartments which held little odds and ends for long travels. One belt adorned with a metal plate with the flower of the 4th division. Rose was always prepared for random journeys, being the fickle woman she was Rose kept a pouch strapped to each leg and even a few more straps on her arms. A pair of finger-less gloves were worn along with black jean cutoff shorts. The outfit was complete with knee high boots with a slight heel, and a crimson colored scarf. Not the average looking shinigami at all.

    Rose was now just outside of her division, simply taking in the beauty the day possessed, all was beautiful and calm; but how long would it stay like this? Peace never lasted, evil was always brewing, but until the days of destruction come Rose was going to have  one hell of a party. Walking aimlessly for a bit the woman came to stop, sit, and  rest her back against the trunk of a big oak tree, at least 200 years old. She pulled what first looked like a cigarette from behind her ear, and with a simple motion she lit it with a lighter from her pocket.

    Breath in, hollllld, and release.
    The woman was thinking to herself, breathing in a lungful of smoke as she kept her eyes closed, focusing on holding the smoke in her lungs. Exhaling now, a large cloud of milky smoke escaped from the woman's berry colored lips. It almost looked like a dragon breathing fire. The smoke was followed by a bit of coughing, and the smell of marijuana smoke filled the air as it wafted around the woman, yea it wasn't a cigarette. Todays strain was called BC god bud, and this was one of Rose's favorite strains. The buds had more of a blue tint to them and they were full of many brown threads, packed with THC. She had made herself comfy, letting the high wash over her.
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PostSubject: Re: Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]   Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:00 am

The wind blew strong, abnormally too strong. It wasn't nature. It came from an elemental shikai. Just two minutes before the young Lieutenant walked in division 4 HQ, he had released his zanpakuto. The Lieutenant had on his shinigami uniform with an all white scarf and necklace around his neck. The reason why he was here and not at his division HQ was to pull pranks. He had grown tired of constantly pulling pranks on his fellow division members, so he decided to try some new pranks on the members of 4th division. His main goal was to pull the greatest prank ever on the 4th division Lieutenant.

His great prank included the use of his zanpkauto. he had heard that the Lieutenant of division 4 was a female. The best prank to a female, is humiliation. He was planning to blow a breeze strong enough to rip off the Lieutenant's clothes. It was the best prank he ever came up with. The only problem he had was finding the Lieutenant. Ben knew it was a bad idea to ask anyone, he had a bad reputation for pulling pranks on Lieutenants. he also had no idea how the Lieutenant looked. He rarely left division 1 HQ as he spent most of his time training or pulling pranks on other division 1 members.

He sealed his Zanpakuto due to him wasting too much reitsu. but he wasn't the one who sealed it, it was his split personality. Both him and his split personality had control over the zanpakuto. It was hard for him to fight because of his split personality controlling him. Ben needed a lot of will power just to keep his other side in check. A few shinigamis gave him disturbing looks, they keep their distance from the prankster. He bumped into a random shinigami. The shinigami had standard shinigami uniform with no hair on his head. "Hey, do you know where I can find your Lieutenant? I'm not going to prank your Lieutenant", asked Ben. The shinigami walked off ignoring him. He continued his search for the 4th division Lieutenant.
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PostSubject: Re: Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]   Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:10 am

    [Benny's gone or something so Rose finishes her joint and prepares to leave, only to have her captain send her a hell butterfly which told her to go follow another captain. The fox of all people. She held two small pieces of paper between her fingers for a few minutes as she thought of what to do. Deciding to place the small tabs under her tongue Rose gathered to words for the Hell Butterfly. Sending a nice formal message back to her captain which basically read "Fuck you Getsu I do what I want, I bet you're trying to impregnate girls in a hot spring and pushed this job onto me. Just letting you know i have dropped two tabs of acid. Later bitch Captain." Rose left her division, deciding whether or not to actually do this mission. She wouldn't mind sneaking away to the world of the living, after all she's basically stalking a captain for this job.

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PostSubject: Re: Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]   

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Slacking in the 4th [OPEN]
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