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 Yuki Hai [Boom]

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:49 am

Hello thar this is Rai-Oh, So the first thing I have a problem with while it is a unique ability is how does the ash actually explode? Is it infused with your Reiatsu to cause it to explode? Is there a special chemical in it that causes it to explode? If you could explain that, that would be great. Secondly I wanna know how strong these skills are vs higher level people such as: Racial leaders and Captains (upon impact of the attack on that being should they be hit by it.) if you could explain that as well I think I'll have a better grasp of what it does and most probably approve you.
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Yuri Aoi

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:11 pm

A chemical composition that explains why it explodes is not needed. I am understanding you need to slash an object and cannot control the actual ash to fly around like Haineko. Additionally please bump down the strength of the explosion to 45.
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Yuri Aoi

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:39 pm

Reduce the 2nd technique to 20 meters.
3rd tech 40 meters.
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Akuma Jaaku

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:01 pm

Unless Yuri revokes my decision seeing as she already stated her problems with this application and the above changes have been made I deem this application Approved.
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Yuri Aoi

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Experience : 891
Join date : 2014-09-29

PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:05 pm

April May wrote:

▐♱ Zanapakuto Name ♱: Yuki Hai [Snow Ash]

▐♱ Sealed Description ♱:

The original sealed zanpakuto takes the form of an original katana, exactly the same size as a normal blade. {75,7 cm long, 3.2 cm wide} The hilt of the blade is pure black with eight diamonds imprinted upon its hilt,  The black sheath used to conceal Yuki Hai is simply black, Pure black,The blade is very sleek and light allowing for it to be harnessed easily, The elegant yet plain design of Yuki Hai makes it seem like there is very little to this blade.

▐♱ Release Phrase ♱: "Flutter"

▐♱ Manifestation ♱:

Yuki Hai:

Yuki Hai presents itself in the form of a very large, majestic and awe inspiring dragon. It was said that the white dragon did not spew fire but covered the world in a layer of exploding ash. It is often mistaken for the snow dragon but this is a common misconception. her regalness is shown in the way she speaks. She is proper in the way she holds her body and of course with how she converses. Yes a beautiful creature in deed.

▐♱ Inner World ♱:


Ogygia is the land of Calypos, a deserted land covered in magic, a land where the world is flourishing and peace reigns. A land filled with only one species. The White Ash Dragon. Its a beautiful place that looks very human, palaces stand tall and strong where the dragons live. Intelligent and powerful creatures that show peace is worth while in Ogygia.


▐♱ Element/Affinity ♱: Ash [explosions]  


▐♱ Shikai Description ♱:

Yuri Hai's Shikai:

Yuri Hai when in Shikai form has very minor changes to its appearance, The blade which usually shines silver now shines a beautiful white like the eyes of the shinigami herself, The blade is now 5 inches longer than a standard katana blade. The cross guard becomes circular and slightly thicker and has small flower shaped holes located upon it. The hilt retains its black colour but now instead of gold diamonds now shine a snow white.  Most notably Yuri Hai's biggest change is the fact that it is duplicated becoming twin katanas. April wields two with extreme power.

▐♱ Shikai Ability ♱:

Like its manifestation, Yuri Hai gains the power of the White Ash Dragon, It's ability in Shikai gives it the power to release, manipulate, create and inject explosive white ash into anything it slices. a unique ability is that April can manipulate the explosion caused by the white ash. This is done via the spiritual energy located within the ash, Due to the unique properties of said ash the spiritual energy can fluxuate within causing it to explode.. Its manipulation in Shikai seems to only be to avoid being damaged by the white ash explosions only. Unlike its Bankai which allows it to create Ash in a giant manor while still wielding both Blades, Yuri's shikai form revolves around the use of Zanjutsu and Kido. The white ash can be injected into any solid based Kido and blow up its structure. The explosions can range in strength from a basic level 1 Kido up to level 45 Hado. Thus it can defeat level 40 and below Bakudo as long as they have a solid structure. The innate explosion can only reach up to three meters [This being without a technique in use and simply the effect of the blade] and can only do damage of up to a level 20 hado. Anything stronger requires a technique. This can be used in various ways and can even caus effects on April. By placing ash upon herself she can though causing her pain, blow out her hearing via the small explosions that she can manipulate. The ash can be dispersed through many ways though these will be shown via techniques. Now as this ability is used in conjunction with April's spiritual energy, if she is to obtain the Immense Spiritual Pressure Augmentation the ash's power/explosion can be increased by a further 20 kido levels. [this includes in techniques aswell]


▐♱ Bankai Description ♱:

▐♱ Bankai Description ♱:

▐♱ Bankai Ability ♱:


▐♱ Techniques ♱:

#Shikai 1
Name Injection Boom
Class: Offensive
Attributes: Offensive, Instant, Strategic
' Effect '

By touching the tip of Yuki Hai to an object, person or spiritual barrier.  April can instantly injected a burst of White ash in to the body of the targeted object. If a person the ash is injected into the clothing or limb that is touched not the entire body.. The ash seeps in or onto the target turning said target into a ticking time bomb. now though the ash is injected April can chose to detonate it within a total of 4 posts. If April fails to detonate the ash in 4 posts it disperses from the body. The ash does damage equal to a level 35 kido or below and the explosion can range from 1 meter to 15. IF in a persons body only the limb effected will be blown up.

Range: contact
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: time bomb can last up to four posts.
Cooldown: +1 to whatever the length of the bomb was kept at.
Cost: 10-35 spiritual energy cost

#Shikai 2
Name Exploding Ash Cloud
Class: Offensive/Supportive
Attributes: Attack/Instant
' Effect '

By spinning one of the duel blades around, April releases a large amount of ash [20 meters] from the rotating blade that covers the battle field. The ash shoots forward at rapid speeds granting a 5 meter space from April putting her out of harms way. Due to the thick ash cloud it is almost impossible to see anyone within. As it consists of Aprils spiritual energy it is a hard feat to sense her. By tapping her blades together the ash ignites in a 30 meter explosion capable of doing kido damage of level 20 up to level 48 injuring those with level 2 defense capabilities or lower. Those with level 3 will feel searing pain but the pain is of course lessened as long as they do not inhale the ash. April being able to control the explosion is able to contain it to where she is safe.

Range: 20 meters + 5 meters of free space in front of April. Explosion/ash covering range is 20 meters
Preparation: Instant
Post Durations: 2 posts
Cooldown: 3 post cool down
Cost: 25-55 cost

#Shikai 3
Name Snow Field
Class: Attack
Attributes: Finisher
' Effect '

Aprils most powerful move, By throwing one of her swords upwards it disperses in a blast of white ash which drifts up into the sky. This takes a single post. When the sword has dispersed it seemingly vanishes and is gone for 3 posts. This is not true, Instead the ash is biding its time as it grows. Upon the fifth post white ash falls rapidly covering an entire 40 meter radius. April is able to manipulate the ash to do any of her techniques creating a battle field to her liking. She can also explode the ash doing max damage [level 66 Kido] and doing sufficient damage to a protected level 3 hierro etc. The explosion seems to simply move to avoid April if she wills it meaning that April's vicinity is a safe zone, [2 meters around April]. Though fifty meter radius April being able to manipulate the ash is the epicenter. Where she moves the ash follows. A deadly technique don't you think?. Someone fast enough could easily escape. April is able to hold the technique for 3 posts when the ash falls.

Range: 40 meters.
Preparation: 5 posts of prep
Post Durations: 7 posts
Cooldown: 10 posts/
Cost: 75

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Hai [Boom]    

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Yuki Hai [Boom]
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